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What is the EŌClub? It's a nation-wide (and becoming world-wide) family of friends and like-minded individuals networking together to spread the news of natural health & wellness utilizing the power of essential oils. We support each other by sharing our successes, asking questions, sharing information and scientific findings, etc. We have a private Facebook page you will be added to, local meetings and online events.

This club was started by Robyn, founder of Shear Miracle Organics. Here is what she has to say. 

"Purity & integrity in choosing healthy products for my family & customers is what inspired me to create my own line of products for healthy beauty, so naturally when a friend of mine introduced me to the purest, highest quality essential oils available, I was intrigued. Our family was already integrating alternative healthcare practices as our first & main line of finding health solutions, so these pure oils were a natural fit. 

To be honest, I had no intention of pursuing another business opportunity as I was & am busy enough running Shear Miracle Organics & our Organic Flagship Salon, yet as I & my staff found one success after another using these essential oils, we naturally talked about them to our clients, who in turn started asking for them, using them & finding their own successes. It goes hand in hand with having a holistic salon where one of our our mottos is, "A Holistic Approach to Beauty - caring about your whole person."

Joining our "club" is as simple as purchasing a wholesale membership through us HERE. This is a lot like joining Costco. You purchase a yearly membership & you get discounted prices and a whole lot of added benefits. 


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 Now 4 years later, I am excited & happy to have literally helped 1000s of people & continue to actively empower others to achieve the successes that my family & Organic Stylists at Shear Miracle Organics have had in taking charge of their own health as well as their loved ones. 

If you are on the fence, just do it. You won't be disappointed. Especially if you join with an active support group like the #EŌClub backing you up. Still feeling hesitant? Text me. I'll call you back personally! 717-419-5534

If you are a salon owner & haven't yet experienced the difference organic healthy products can do for your salon, download our media kit today. Mention Essential Oils for specific info on how to promote these pure essential oils in your salon. 

If you are a mom or just want to learn more about how essential oils can change your life; your health, your income, your relationships...please contact me. I'll call you personally.





 We are a dynamic group of positive people who have experienced the power of 100% pure, high quality essential oils in our lives & the lives of our families.


Being part of the EŌClub is a fun way to learn how to not only use your oils, but its also an empowering way to keep yourself & your loved ones healthy in a natural way while forming relationships at the same time. We would love to have you! 

If you have any questions, please contact me, Robyn. 
My email address: Robyn@ShearMiracleOrganics.com
My cell phone 717-419-5534 (call or text me)



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