Bronzer Tips to Extend Your Summer Glow

Posted by Julie Ann on 26th Aug 2014

Warmer weather is leaving fast & so will that healthy summer glow. The good news is there is a healthy way to            extend it! If you have never used a … read more

Whats so Luxurious about Foundation?

Posted by Robyn on 25th Jun 2014

Can wearing foundation really be that important? Are you one of the many women who can't stand the feeling of wearing foundation or cover-up? Who wants to feel like they are wearing a mask anyway? I … read more

Aloe Vera… From Burns to Beauty

Posted by Robyn on 12th Jun 2014

Our family just got back from a short trip to the beach near where we live. Most of my friends know that I am more concerned with chemicals than I am with natural things like germs, bugs, or the sun. … read more