Soft and Controlled Texture Organically

Posted by Robyn on 4th May 2014


Today the word "natural" can mean a wide range of things. When it comes to ethnic hair types, the word "natural" can mean "not relaxed" or "not chemically treated". Of course, we at Shear Miracle Organics would encourage everyone to stay away from all toxic, harsh & harmful processes & ingredients. But the word "natural" should mean so much more. 

When we use the word natural, we mean it in its purest form, the way nature provided & nothing artificial, etc. Truly natural products are very hard to find. Even harder to find are those with standards of only using health promoting, beneficial natural ingredients. That's our standard.

This is our daughter, Amara. We adopted her 5 years ago. She is a 'Shear Miracle' in our lives & of course our little all natural, organic girl since birth. As her hair became thicker & longer, we quickly realized the importance of properly caring for it. 


We would like to introduce to you a few natural options to maintain & improve the look of your gorgeously textured hair. But first, it's very important to start by clarifying. Many, if not almost all products made for naturally textured hair contain ingredients that build up in the hair, like petroleum, silicones & waxes. We recommend a sulfate-free gentle clarifying option, like Fresh Canvas Shampoo

Sulfates are foaming detergents that not only build up on the hair, but they can leave a chemical residue on the heart, lungs, & brain and cause damage to the hair follicle itself, causing hair loss. A sulfate-free clarifying shampoo may take a little more time to get rid of the build-up, but the time is well worth avoiding the alternative.

Next, examine the ingredients in your current styling products. It's important to avoid all drying ingredients, even natural ones like alcohol & witch hazel. Instead, use natural oils & butters, like olivejojoba, meadowfoam seed & primrose oils, & shea butter. Here are our favorites.

Achieve Finishing Lotion - Choose this protecting lotion when you have softer, natural, springy curls. It will add just a little weight to your hair helping it to keep your curls in that springy condition like when they are wet by using luscious oils like jojoba, known for it's excellent moisturizing ability & assisting in hair growth. It contains olive oil which is one of the top emollient oils that can penetrate the hair shaft better than many others. Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help keep your scalp healthy & prevents dandruff. Achieve maximum softness & shine when cocktailed with Soft as Satin Hair Polish.


Soft as Satin Hair Polish - As stated above, this is an fabulous polish to blend or cocktail together with Achieve Finishing Lotion (it's like they are best friends. They are great individually, but together their qualities really shine & can achieve so much more!). This is a non-greasy, no build-up oil blend that blows the performance of both argon & Moroccan oil away! This polish strengthens, protects, improves, repairs, nourishes & de-frizzes, keeping your hair stronger & healthier with shine.

Be Wax'd Pomade -

Organic pomades have special qualities. They have no silicones or plastics. Light hold, mega shine, texture & enhancing curls are just the icing on the cake for this amazing product! Shea butter & hemp seed oil are just two of the nourishing ingredients used to deeply protect & moisturize your hair from the roots. It's great for dreads, too! It's clean & of course, chemical free, & helps with adding shine.

Shine Like a Star Serum - This finishing serum imparts a glossy shine, protects & nourishes, eliminates frizz & fly-aways to dry-styled hair. Use sparingly after styling as a tamer to smooth out frizz when flat ironing, add shine & reduce fly-aways, & create healthier looking, damage-free ends. Shea butter & hemp seed oil are just two of the nourishing ingredients used to deeply protect & moisturize your hair from the roots.

Show off those beautifully natural curls knowing the whole time they are being treated with 100% organic, health-promoting ingredients.