​Save Your Color…Organically!

Posted by Robyn on 10th Apr 2014

Organic Ways to Keep Your Hair Shiny

We all want beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. An Organic Stylist has a different approach from the traditional chemical approach. Of course to be true to the name, our position is exclusively holistic. That means that we care not just about making it look and feel good on the outside, but about nourishing, strengthening and actually being healthy from the inside out! 

Read on to find out more! 

You just got the most fabulous hair color from your favorite stylist. Naturally, you want to protect it & keep it looking fresh

Color by Shear Miracle Organic Girl, Julie

& vibrant. What you may not know is that the best way to do this is to use an organic shampoo & conditioner.

Why? The traditional way is to choose a "color safe" shampoo. That's another story for another post. We say, "Not really when using only healthy ingredients formulated correctly."

Keeping the hair cuticle closed is critical in protecting hair color loss. Shear Miracle Organics Shampoos & Conditioners have carefully chosen ingredient synergy blends and are balanced to maintain color while providing essential hair revitalizing properties that provide an optimum isometric pH balance (4.5-5.5). This aids in closing the cuticle to reduce color fading. But we don’t stop there. It is important to eliminate ingredient choices that would damage, dry out or otherwise compromise this goal.

When hair at its healthiest, the cuticle remains closed & color stays locked in. That’s why we use wholesome ingredients rich in amino acids & nutrients for stronger, moisture-rich hair like hempseed oil & coconut oil, which does not allow moisture to escape & protects the hair from the harsh effects of environmental damage, thus preventing breakage.

What you chose to color your hair with is very important, too. Ammonia, or any ammonia substitute for that matter, severely damages the cuticle and destroys tyrosine, the hair’s protein that develops melatonin (hair’s natural pigmentation). The more the tyrosine protein is damaged, the less capable the hair is of “holding on to” color.                                                                                                                

Shear Miracle Organics is proud to partner with & we highly recommend Organic Color Systems. Organic Color Systems is a professional only range that is 100% Ammonia & Resorcinol free! 

It contains no animal ingredients & is never tested on animals. In fact, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has even certified this color line as “Cruelty Free”. Organic Color Systems is made with many certified organic ingredients & more than a few of the shades are PPD & PTD free, while the remaining colors have some of the lowest amounts you can find. 

Our philosophy remains the same. We only use & recommend using the purest products possible to achieve the most professional result.

Shear Miracle Organics sees bold color & vibrant shades, like pink, blue, greens & 

even purples for spring. Another hot trend that is gaining popularity is hair color that is darker at the roots & gradually getting lighter & lighter towards the ends. Away with the solid look, multi-colored tones will add dimension & texture to hair this spring!

                                                                                                                              Want perfect, long lasting color? Choose to Save Your Color…Organically.

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*Hair (above top right) done by Shear Miracle Organics Girlz, Julie (color) and Dianne (style)

using OCS & styled with Shear Miracle Organics Blow Up the Volume Foam Achieve Finishing Lotion 

*Haircolor (bottom left) done by Glasshouse Salon owner, Olivia

using Organic Color Systems

* Photography (1st photo) by Kiri Rae Allen Photography