Organic Color Melting

Posted by Julie Ann on 30th Nov 2014

This year Highlighting stripes are out and blended color techniques are in!

          Hollywood stars showing off their beautiful color melting.


Color melting is currently one of the hottest trends and we are loving every second of it and doing it organically!

Color melting can be achieved using various free hand, balayage, and foil highlighting techniques. 

We love it because it is great for adding movement to layers in the hair as well as highlighting facial features. One of the best things about color melting is that it is very low maintenance. The highlights gracefully blend in the hair without a defined stopping and starting point so that there will be no harsh lines as hair grows out. This means less color visits to the salon and more money in your pocket! 


With the use of healthy products like Shear Miracle Organics shampoosconditioners, and styling products, your hair will stay cleaner and healthier longer which will also save you additional money in the long run! Use Achieve Finishing Lotion cocktailed with Soft as Satin Hair Polish for that soft, smooth look you see in these photos. 

We are absolutely thrilled about this look and our clients are too! 



Above are just a few variations of our own organic clients rocking out this gorgeous color technique as well!

So, tell us what you think?  Have questions about your look?

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Organic Stylist Julie Ann