Holiday Hair Done Naturally

Posted by Julie Ann on 16th Dec 2014

The festive season is here and that means it's holiday party time!

Here are a few cute and simple hair ideas to fancy up your everyday look & pair with your stylish holiday outfits! All you will need are a few bobby pins, a small hair band, a pretty clip or bow and some Shear Miracle Organics Styling Aids.

When styling as usual, I highly recommend prepping your hair roots with Blow Up the Volume Foam and applying Achieve Finishing Lotion cocktailed with Soft as Satin Hair Polish mid-length to ends prior to blow drying your hair. 



For this first style, part your hair into 3 sections. Tie back the first section and flip over. Secure the ponytail against your head with a few bobby pins to look like a small bun. Criss cross the sides over top and secure underneath the bun for a sophisticated look. You can braid the sides as well for a little added pizazz and if you're really feeling festive, add a little bow on top. Spray all over. Now you are ready to dance the night away.


For this twisted style, separate the sides of your hair from the back. Take the left side and split into two sections and twist together towards the back of your head. Do the same with the other side and join the two twists in the middle of the back of your head and secure with a couple of bobby pins. To keep this style looking perfect all night, make sure you finish with Goin' Somewhere Hairspray. You can even add a fancy clip, if you want.


This braided style is a great way to create an artificial cute side bang. Create a deep side part above the outer corner of your eyebrow on the side of your choice. Leave the side with less hair down. Braid the remaining hair on the opposite side of your head towards the face. Secure the braid just behind the ear with a couple bobby pins. Add some curls and Goin' Somewhere Hairspray and you're ready to go! 

I'd love to see your holiday styles. Post them here or email me at!

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