Do You Really Need a Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair?

Posted by Robyn on 29th Apr 2014

Nothing feels quite as good as walking out of the salon after getting a fresh color. Of course, we want to try and preserve that feeling for as long as possible . But what's really behind the idea that we must use only a certain type of product to preserve that robust color to which we are so currently endeared? 

We would like to share with you some truths behind the "color-treated" product craze and show you what your hair really needs to maintain a vibrant and healthy-looking color.

So, what's the "truth"? 


TRUTH #1: Hair color does not fade as quickly when the hair is in a healthy condition. Thus, the goal would be to use a product that keeps the hair strand itself healthy instead of a product that contains synthetic ingredients designed to target only the color that has been put on the strand.

TRUTH #2: Traditional hair products cause damage by virtue of the ingredients they have in them, i.e. alcohol, 


As we learned above, damage = color fadage.

TRUTH #3: Chemically-based, non-organic hair color causes significant damage to the hair strand to the point that in the salon world we call uncolored hair "virgin" hair because it is never the same. Again, ingredients matter! Ammonia, ammonia substitutes, thioglycolatesands, resorcinol and formaldehyde are all found in non-organic hair color. Instead, we recommend going to an organic salon & using an organic color line (we recommend Organic Color Systems, our favorite) Contact us for a free packet of info on this professional only color line - click here.

TRUTH #4: Chlorine is essentially bleach. Showering in chlorinated water is akin to putting bleach into your hair every time you shower. We recommend getting a shower filter if you don't already have a water filtration system in your home. Nearly 100% of all municipal water supplies contain chlorine or some form of it. This will obviously cause color to fade and dull more quickly.

TRUTH #5: Heat-styling such as blow dryers and irons can cause fading. 

Use our Achieve Finishing Lotion to straighten, smooth and PROTECT hair when heat styling.

  TRUTH #6: The sun fades hair color. Most "color-treated" shampoos contain such ingredients as butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane which, ironically, is harsh on the hair. This makes it vulnerable to free radicals which cause damage and - you guessed it - color loss! 

Shear Miracle Organics uses such ingredients as grapeseed oil, coconut oil,  jojoba oil and rosemary, which are all fantastic UV protectants.

We share all of these truths with you to support our point that when people STOP using hair products that contain harmful ingredients and START using ONLY products that contain HEALTH PROMOTING ingredients, the hair responds quickly and becomes healthy. 

This results in lasting color that keeps the hair looking shiny and feeling silky. It also eliminates the need to purchase special shampoos and conditioners "for color-treated hair." 

      The great news is that ALL of our Shear Miracle Organics shampoos and conditioners protect hair color.


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