Bronzer Tips to Extend Your Summer Glow

Posted by Julie Ann on 25th Aug 2014

Warmer weather is leaving fast & so will that healthy summer glow. 

The good news is there is a healthy way to

            extend it! 

If you have never used a bronzer, now is the time to try one. The right bronzer is the first step to having a warm, end-of-summer glow. Applying it correctly will give you a very subtle sun-kissed look. 

If you are going for a natural look, apply it only to the tops of your cheeks, some on your forehead and a little on the top of your nose (where the sun would naturally hit.) It can make your cheekbones pop and enhance bone structure.

For a slightly more dramatic look, apply to the natural contours and shadows of your face to add more dimension and blend any uneven features.

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