Being an Advocate for Change

Posted by Robyn on 28th May 2014

The Spotlight is on...P.O.S.H. Salon

We would like to introduce you to Cathy Hammond and her stylish salon, P.O.S.H., aka Purely Organic Salon for 

Hair, where only the best in organic hair care is used. 

Cathy is a hard working wife and mother of 3 beautiful children ages 17, 13 and 4. Being in her salon 5 days a week and balancing family life with soccer and basketball games, she has learned the importance of making 

personal time for herself. She enjoys physical fitness programs to relieve stress and maintain that balance and finds that her clients are very supportive of her. 

After becoming very sick, Cathy, who had been a conventional cosmetologist of 23 years, realized that she needed to make some drastic life changes. Her body could no longer handle the toxins which had built up in her system from the use of the heavily chemical-laden salon products she had used day in and day out while working. Cathy started making changes everywhere in her personal life with the goal of ridding her body of these toxins and getting healthy again. After doing some research, she began her journey to recovered health by changing everything she ate to organic. After some time, Cathy knew that she had a decision to make between quitting the career she loved, or finding a safer, healthier way to do it. She started investigating how she could  begin switching to organic products and practices. 

In August of 2012, she and her fellow cosmetologist, Lisa Hall, a stylist of 10 years experience, took the plunge and opened their Organic Salon, P.O.S.H.  Cathy's goal was to use the purest, most organic products, so she was overjoyed to find our completely pure line, Shear Miracle Organics. She never looked back! 

Her clients have been delighted! Lisa and Cathy use Organic Color exclusively and Shear Miracle Organics. She is always excited to hear when her clients say, "These organic products really work!". 

In keeping with an organic, healthy atmosphere, P.O.S.H. also began diffusing aromatherapy oils in the salon, and cleaning with only essential oils except where state mandated. 

"Going organic is not only great for our health as stylists, but also excellent for business, because now our clients come from other cities to experience the organic environment and products, which leave them feeling beautiful and uplifted", says Cathy. I love that we are creating awareness of these amazing products that my clients are using and educating them on the importance of using healthy ingredients. 

The Leave-in Conditioner and Achieve Finishing Lotion are P.O.S.H.'s two top sellers, and she personally loves Blow Up the Volume Foam, finding it is lightweight and has the perfect amount of hold for even her clients with the finest hair! On almost every client she uses her favorite cocktail - mixing Soft as Satin Hair Polish with any Shear Miracle Organics conditioner for a therapeutic, moisturizing treatment. 

"I love Shear Miracle Organics because it works and it makes my hair shiny and manageable. I am super excited to try the makeup line in the near future!"

                 "We love that Shear Miracle Organics is as pure as it gets!"

         "Knowledge is power and keeps us healthy. We are our best advocates."

Cathy and Lisa are still seeking another stylist who shares her same passion about hair styling the organic way.

For more information, call 321-243-0540, or visit her website at POSH.

If you are local, be sure to stop by her salon, which is located at 3270 Suntree Blvd #1250, Melbourne, FL 32940

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