A Man Making a Difference

Posted by Robyn on 16th Apr 2014

                              The Spotlight is on...John Bruno Organic And Vegan Salon

We are proud to introduce you to John Bruno, a “one man show” who is taking Fort Lauderdale, Florida by storm with his cutting-edge innovations. We were introduced to Bruno when he called us after finding us on a google search.  We immediately connected having similar ethos and ended up talking for hours!  He had recently moved from New Jersey where he had left a successful salon to pursue a life in sunny Florida. There he opened John Bruno Organic And Vegan Salon, an eco-friendly and vegan concept salon that totally embraces the heart of an organic lifestyle with its holistic approach to beauty and client education. How exciting is that? Not only a salon that is organic and health-conscience, but also vegan and compassionate, too! Bruno believes in the ability of pure, organic, cruelty-free products to transform not only his clientele, but also the environment in which we live.

Since the salon’s opening in March of 2013 Bruno  has been exclusively 

using Shear Miracle Organics products for his customers. They love the fact that his salon is organic and vegan, and regularly purchase favorites like Achieve Finishing LotionTexturizing PasteTuff'n Up Shampoo and Conditioner, and Wild Child Shampoo and Conditioner.  He notices that clients are soaking up the knowledge right along with the products, and that their outlook and excitement is expanding by the day.

“As everyone knows, knowledge is power!  As a salon owner and a hairstylist, I have devoted my career to not only giving people the information they need to make healthier and more responsible choices, but to also expose these hair care and cosmetic companies that are misleading us as consumers."


 Compassion, integrity and ethical value is the essence of John Bruno Salon. 

This is his primary reasoning for exclusively using Shear Miracles Organics as his product line.  He knows that ingredient integrity is never compromised, nor are salon quality results for his clientele.  

He will often cocktail products like Texturizing Paste with Be-Waxed Pomade and achieve phenomenal, edgy looks, or even to just remove frizz from troublesome hair.  He’ll finish is all off with Achieve Finishing Lotion and send everyone home beautiful, healthy, and smiling.

Bruno is passionate about living an organic lifestyle, not only at his salon, but also in his home.

Living an organic lifestyle is essential for humans and the earth. All of my fruits and vegetables are organic and non-gmo.. I use eco-friendly everything in my home, from laundry and dish detergents to household cleaning products. I do not use chemical bleach in my laundry or salon, as it is destructive to the environment and unhealthy for humans. Everything in my home and salon is all cruelty-free, vegan, and certified to be not tested on animals.”

He believes that we must move forward in our mentality towards our health and environment. He knows that this begins in the home and spreads forward as we interact with other people in things we do and say. Bruno is daily “living the life” for himself and touching people by the minute with his example. 

To end with his words…

“Please join me in this beautiful awakening and move forward in making our hair and skin more beautiful which in turn radiates beauty, sunshine and peace. For us, for the animals, and for the earth.



Contact information:

            Website: www.johnbrunoorganicsalon.com             Address:  John Bruno Organic & Vegan Salon

            Phone:  954-900-9862                                                            901 Progresso Drive ~ Suite 110

                                                                                                            Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304

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