A Holistic Family Affair

Posted by Robyn Atticks on 1st Sep 2014

We are so pleased to point the spotlight on the Decker family! Colleen Guber-Decker and her husband, Phillip Decker, own Salon FiG in Newton, New Jersey. 

New Jersey's Eco-Friendly Healthy Choice Beauty Salon & Supply Boutique

They are joined by their daughter and salon manager, Rebecca Lawrence, and 

their teenage son, AJ Guber, who comes in after school to keep the salon and grounds in top shape. However, these aren't the only family members at Salon FiG. Colleen considers everyone who works here a member of the family. She has six holistic beauty specialists who share her vision of bringing purely organic hair and skin care to her county and surrounding areas.

A few years ago, while researching holistic alternatives to personal health issues, Colleen realized that she wanted to bring the same kind of care to her salon clients. She says:

“When I opened the salon, I knew I wanted to do something better than traditional salons. Researching my own health issues and holistic alternatives made me realize that what we eat is not the only avenue we should be concerned with. As cosmetologists we are surrounded by chemicals in a typical salon every day, every hour. I don't want that for me or my salon family, including our guests.”

Colleen and her salon family all believe in practicing what they preach. She began by going gluten and dairy-free and eventually made the switch to all organic produce. Her employees, having adopted these lifestyle changes as well, have been able to pass on the the knowledge they have gained through these experiences to their clients.

“We are constantly learning and educating on new and better ways to take care of our health, both in the salon and out. Our guests love it. They seek us from all areas, not just our back yard. We have guests that come from surrounding states to experience the organic difference with us.”

Colleen loves the Shear Miracle Organics shampoos and conditioners. One of her favorite things to do is to change 

them up depending on her mood. She also loves Elevate Spray Gel for her curls. She says that her clients gravitate toward the hairspray “because it is something that they can immediately get into and it works.” One of her favorite cocktails is adding the Soft as Satin Hair Polish to Achieve Finishing Lotion for blow-outs because of its amazing ability to control frizz.

Colleen believes in organic beauty and is excited about what holistic alternatives can do for the industry. She encourages salon owners to investigate the benefits of going exclusively organic, from both a business standpoint, and more importantly, for the sake of their salon families and clients.

"Some ask why FiG, what does it mean; simply stated "Faith in God". It's what allows the salon to be what it is today and what will continue to help it grow tomorrow and a long time to come." 

“People need to know that they can be beautiful without chemicals. Treating their bodies to all-natural products has amazing results. I believe from a business standpoint, more and more people are looking for these types of options and to not have this available is a mistake that in the long run can cost a salon clients. I hope that more and more salons will start to realize how important it is to be good to our bodies, but in the meantime offering a natural option is just good business.”

-Colleen Guber-Decker

For a truly organic experience, contact Salon FiG at their newly expanded location today! 

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