Say No to the No Poo Method!

Posted by Robyn on 4th May 2014

If you haven't yet heard of the "No Poo" method, most likely you will soon. Very basically, the no poo method is to stop using shampoo. Many people replace shampoo with baking soda and apple cide … read more

Soft and Controlled Texture Organically

Posted by Robyn on 4th May 2014

 Today the word "natural" can mean a wide range of things. When it comes to ethnic hair types, the word "natural" can mean "not relaxed" or "not chemically treated". Of course, we at Shear Miracl … read more

Do You Want Healthy Hair?

Posted by Robyn on 27th Apr 2014

Are you ready for a change in your look? Your hair is one of the most important places to begin. Since you will wear it everyday your hair should be healthy, beautiful and shiny. Seek out a salon … read more

Exfoliators, Detoxing & Masks, Oh My!

Posted by Robyn on 23rd Apr 2014

What’s the new hot thing in skin care today?It seems that people are always discovering the ever-changing single “miracle” ingredient that will keep your skin young and wrinkle free. But do we ever s … read more