Mens Hair Styles with Eco-Friendly Class

Posted by Julie Ann on 15th Jun 2014

Leonardo Dicaprio is not only a household Hollywood name that brings classiness, charm and talent to mind, but he is also a green and eco-friendly conscious gentleman!I was thrilled to find out that … read more

Aloe Vera… From Burns to Beauty

Posted by Robyn on 12th Jun 2014

Our family just got back from a short trip to the beach near where we live. Most of my friends know that I am more concerned with chemicals than I am with natural things like germs, bugs, or the sun. … read more

Protect your Hair from the Sun - Naturally!

Posted by Robyn on 29th May 2014

Did you know that many natural plants give us oils that have the ability to give us natural UV protection? Sunscreen for hair, you say? Why yes! Shear Miracle Organics uses ingredients such as grape s … read more

Being an Advocate for Change

Posted by Robyn on 28th May 2014

The Spotlight is on...P.O.S.H. SalonWe would like to introduce you to Cathy Hammond and her stylish salon, P.O.S.H., aka Purely Organic Salon for Hair, where only the best in organic hair ca … read more