3 Simple Steps to Beach Waves like Jessica Biel

Posted by Julie Ann on 25th May 2014

Love Jessica's beautiful beach waves? Find out how to get this look organically 

in just a few easy steps with  Julie Ann.

Summer is on its way and that means the humidity is right behind it. 

There is nothing worse than taking the time to style your hair and have it be ruined the second you step outside. Whether your hair is straight and tends to flatten in the humidity,  or you have wavy hair that won't stay straight, the best option is to work with the weather, rather than against it, and create an easy style that uses the moisture as an enhancement: BEACH WAVES!

To achieve this look ORGANICALLY, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Wash your hair with Spicy Island Shampoo. This is an extra moisturizing shampoo that will give your hair just what it needs to get this beach beauty look.  If your hair is curly, use a heavier moisturizing conditioner and leave it in for 10 minutes or so. If your hair is straight, opt for a lighter conditioner, like Shear Miracle Organics' Leave-In Conditioner.

2. Towel dry your hair gently by squeezing sections, instead of rubbing back and forth across your head. This can cause unwanted breakage and frizz. Next, divide your hair into 4 sections to make it easier to handle. Pump 3 to 5 squirts of Blow up the Volume Foam  into the palms of your hands and distribute from roots to ends of each section. This is an amazing weightless product that you will forget is even in your hair!

3. If you have curly hair, allow your hair to dry. Scrunch or squeeze your hair in an upward motion as it dries, without raking or finger combing through your hair. This will straighten it and defeat the purpose. If you have a diffuser, turn your head upside down and side to side by placing sections of hair into the diffuser and letting it dry for about 30 seconds. Repeat until your hair is dry and  then spritz with Right in the Middle Hairspray for a crunchier/firmer hold or Elevate Spray Gel for a softer, sexier hold. 

Here is a version I did on a guest that asked for beautiful beach waves. What do you think? 



         Voila! Rock those waves!

Julie Ann ~ A Shear Miracle Organics Stylist

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* Photo credits of Jessica Biel from stylosophy.it 

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