Be Clean - Detox Fresh Clay Mask

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With organic enzymes and herbs, this 100% natural chemical free face peel removes free radicals from the skin thereby enhancing collagen formation.After cleansing and patting skin dry, apply a thin layer of mask all over face avoiding eye area. Leave on a minimum of 20 minutes before rinsing off with pure warm water. Use this product 2 to 4 times a year a few times a week. Best results when doing an internal cleanse, too.† Ingredients Distilled water; French Green clay; Organic honey; vegetable glycerin; organic non-fat milk; organic lecithin; organic herbal extracts of: neem leaf, yucca root, sage, stevia leaf, eyebright, coneflower (echinacia), fennel powder, horsetail, bilberry, chickweed, comfrey, slippery elm, peppermint, bladderwrack, lavender flowers, calendula flowers, white willow bark, skullcap, ginkgo leaf, green tea, alfalfa, hawthorn berry, gota kola, marshmallow root, St. John's Wort, yerba mate', solomon's seal root and rosemary leaf; papaya enzyme; grapeseed extract; certified organic plant sourced xanthan gum; organic essential oils of: lemon, cypress and fennel. Learn More† Exfoliators, Detoxing & Masks, Oh My!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review