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Where Career and Passion Meet

We, the Shear Miracle Organics Girlz, would like to share a secret with you.
How to make $$ doing what you already love...sharing the power of essential oils with others.


There are five ways to make money initially. (But note, you have to spend about $110 in wholesale product purchase each month to get paid. That's 100pv order + taxes & shipping - that you get back anyway in more free points) With so many amazing products & oils to choose from, this is easy. Our family just can't live without these products that include toxic free cleaning, non-gmo whole food supplements & probiotics, personal care & of course, the amazing oils themselves. Enough  about that, here's how you get paid for sharing with this company. 


1- Fast Start Bonuses: SHARE & get paid! Sign someone up for their own wholesale membership. For 60 days, you get 20% of what they purchase....a 'thank you' check from this amazing essential oil company for sharing with others. This is so easy because the oils work so well, as you probably already know. Those you sign up are creating a wholesale account. There is no requirement for them to share or sell.  That makes it much easier to motivate people to sign up for their own wholesale account. I mean, if everything is optional then who doesn't want to get their oils at wholesale? That's just the 1st level. Check this out! They pay to 3 levels with this bonus. 


*Here's an example:

~ You enroll Susie Q & dōTERRA sends you a check for 20% of the pv amount that she orders for the next 60 days.

~ Susie Q enrolls Barbara. dōTERRA sends Susie Q a check for 20% of the pv that Barbara orders & dōTERRA sends YOU a check for 10% of what Barbara orders for the next 60 days.

~ Barbara enrolls Johnny (yes, real men love oils, too) & dōTERRA sends Barbara a check for 20% of the pv that Johnny orders, they send Susie Q a check for 10% & dōTERRA sends YOU a check for 5% of what Johnny orders for the next 60 days.


2- Power of Three (PO3): We have four awesome builders on our front line (people enrolled directly under us). They want bonuses and commissions, so they spend at least 100pv each month. If three people on our front line spend at least 100pv and our whole front line team together spends 600pv, we get a $50 'thank you' bonus. That bonus grows & jumps to $250 & then to a whopping $1500!!! (We got this bonus the last 3 months & so can you! Let us help you.)


3- Commissions: These start out very small. It takes time to build an organization where commissions make you money. Once the ball starts rolling, this is retirement!! Let me explain how it works.

Level 1 - 2%

Level 2 - 3%

Level 3 - 5%  

Level 4 - 5%                                         

Level 5 - 6%

Level 6 - 6%

Level 7 - 7%




We make 2% on the purchases of those within our 1st circle (Level 1). On our 2nd circel, we earn 3% back on their purchases. By this time the people we shared with who signed up for their own wholesale account are now signing their own people up. Why? Because once you realize the power of essential oils & how they can help virtually everyone for almost everything, you just can't keep yourself from sharing them with others! So, we will collect commissions on their purchases for just ordering our 100pv order each month. It grows and grows from there. One day, we have the potential of having hundreds on our seventh line and will be making 7% commission on all of their purchases. That is where retirement savings & residual income manifests itself my friends.

I'd like to point out something else that is brilliant about this plan. Notice that the deeper the circles or levels, the more % you make. This encourages us to help our "team" by placing the people we enroll under them, rather than placing them all on our own frontline circle. Not only does this create a "pay it forward" type bond with those you have enrolled, it also means that by helping others get "paid", you make more money. See how the deeper the circle the larger it gets...way more people in the 7th circle (7% commission) than in the 1st circle (2% commission). Awesome, huh?


 * I have to say that as a business women, this plan is absolutely amazingly generous. Do you understand that almost every other networking company out there pays the most (or highest %) on your frontline (which are the people you directly sign up yourself -most likely) & the least (or lowest %) on your levels farthest from you? It's completely opposite with dōTERRA! Think about this...Would you rather get paid 7% on the few people you sign up yourself & 3% on your 7th level (which will have a ton more people signing up their friends & not simply just you doing it)? UMMMM... NO!!!!


4- Retail Sales: You get a free website with your membership and anyone who orders from it, you will receive a check for 25% paid by dōTERRA as long as you have 100pv sitting in your LRP cart at all times. Finally, we earn 30% back on all of our oil purchases as Loyalty Rewards Points (LRP). These points convert to dollars to use for more dōTERRA products. So, we essentially get oils for free. It's fun to use them as gifts & giveaways. (which we do at least monthly on our private EŌClub facebook page. You get invited to that as part of our ongoing service & support when you join our team through purchasing your wholesale membership - mydoterra.com/EOClub)


5- dōTERRA also has MORE! SHARES...As a SILVER (& higher), you will get paid shares of what the overall company does in business! I'm not kidding you. That's for a later time. (did i mention that dōTERRA grew faster than APPLE in 6 years? - It's because the oils are AMAZING!)








Let us help you meet your goals!


By the way, here are the AVERAGE MONTHLY incomes by rank from 2013


Silver                                $2,200 

Gold                                 $4,750 

Platinum                           $7,000

Diamond                        $16,916 

Blue Diamond                 $41,583

Presidential Diamond       $114,333


What can this type of increase in income do for you? 


Healthy & Wealthy is what I want for all of YOU!


* Recommended reading - Beach Money by Jordon Adler 


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