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Meet Trish Sinclair-Barios



Trish's Story

I am so thankful to have met Robyn and Julie!!! The Shear Miracle Organics products have made such a difference in how I look and feel! I can tell you my aging hair has gotten a new lease on life thanks to your team and the Shear Miracle Organics products, and now that I have added the use of doTERRA essential oils to my life, I am feeling even better!


We have discovered many benefits from the oils and are still exploring possible avenues to help my husband maintain a healthy blood sugar level in a natural way without side effects. My best personal story is how I spent two months being Super-Gamma to my GrandBoys last fall...... I packed my oils for the stay. I remained healthy while the boys fought off all of the bugs and germs that affect us during the colder months. I was surrounded by a very small community that shares every bug! I think being around my oils helped them too....it wasn't coincidence. Just breathing them in can make a difference in how we feel!

 I would love to see more people just try them.....what have you got to lose?! Achy bodies, headaches, sleepless nights, seasonal threats?? I can honestly say I have felt well this entire fall and winter, which is a huge blessing in my book! I may not be that interesting but I hope to provoke some thought, and inspire people to consider joining the conversation for a new healthy alternative to whatever you are doing that isn't working. I can tell you I am blessed to have met all my EŌClub friends and am privileged to benefit from your enthusiasm for all things beneficial to personal well-being.


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