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Essential Oils

Shear Miracle Organics partners with other like-minded companies who share the same vision as ours. Our vision is holistic. We care about you as a whole person: your personal outward appearance, your feelings & your health. Obviously, Shear Miracle Organics has you covered from head to toe for your personal look. We utilize & promote the use of the purest, highest quality essential oils available today for the other two. We are thrilled to share how these essential oils may benefit you & your family's overall health & well-being.



To learn more about these pure Essential Oils & why we love them for their potency & purity or to buy them at a wholesale price or start with a beginners kit - email Robyn@ShearMiracleOrganics.com


 Salon Owners - Read my story about how & why we promote & use Essential Oils in our Shear Miracle Organics Flagship Salon. And if you haven't signed up for our FREE Salon Shear Miracle Organics Media Kit - Get yours here today!


My Oil Story


 Hi! My name is Robyn. I am a wife & mother of 3 children. One is grown & has 2 children of her own (that makes me a grandma - aka: MeMaw). We also have 2 children at home, currently ages 5 & 6. I am the owner of Shear Miracle Organics, one of the first totally organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo & certified cruelty-free salon & customer product lines. Click here to learn more about how & why I started Shear Miracle Organics,

 Purity & integrity in choosing healthy products for my family & customers is what inspired me to create my own line of products for healthy beauty, so naturally when a friend of mine introduced me to 100% Pure Essential oils, I was intrigued. Our family was already integrating alternative healthcare practices as our first & main line of finding health solutions, so this was a natural fit. 

 To be honest, I had no intention of pursuing another business opportunity as I was & am busy enough running Shear Miracle Organics & our Organic Flagship Salon, yet as I & my staff found one success after another using these essential oils, we naturally talked about them to our clients, who in turn started asking for them, using them & finding their own successes. It goes hand in hand with having a holistic salon where one of our our mottos is, "A Holistic Approach to beauty - caring about your whole person."

 Now a year later, I am excited & happy to continue to actively empower others to achieve the successes that my family & Organic Stylists at Shear Miracle Organics have had in taking charge of their own health as well as their loved ones. 

 If you are a salon owner, then please visit http://www.shearmiracleorganics.com/salon-wholesale/ & mention Essential Oils for specific info on how to promote them in your salon. 

 If you are a mom like me, or just want to learn more about how the largest growing, most pure Essential Oil Company can change your life; your health, your income, your relationships...check out my site here & contact me. I'll call you personally.


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