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A Man Making a Difference

                              The Spotlight is on...John Bruno Organic And Vegan SalonWe are proud to introduce you to John Bruno, a “one man show” who is taking Fort Lauderdale, Florida by storm with his cutting-edge innovations. We were introduced to Bruno when he called us [...]

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​Save Your Color…Organically!

Organic Ways to Keep Your Hair ShinyWe all want beautiful, healthy, shiny hair. An Organic Stylist has a different approach from the traditional chemical approach. Of course to be true to the name, our position is exclusively holistic. That means that we care not just about making it look and feel good on the outside, but [...]

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Shear Miracle Organics: Setting the Standard for Purity in the Beauty Industry

Hi. My name is Robyn Atticks, founder of Shear Miracle Organics and I would like to welcome you to our website. I am excited about the opportunity to share with you a bit of who we are and get to know you, too! I am a professional second-generation hair stylist who decided it was time to raise the [...]

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